• Cari Berlin

Accelerate Business Growth By Building A Community

2020 was stressful! We’ve all established that. We all lived it. No need to dwell!

But many of those challenges persist into this new year. For business owners it is a time for rethinking everything. Add to that the growing issue of social isolation, and we can understand why so many entrepreneurs are struggling.

Maybe it’s time to refresh our networks.

And I don’t mean an after-hours meet up to exchange business cards. We have all changed the way we view time and the value of our hours and minutes. Business owners are telling me that spending that precious time on pointless activities just isn’t what they want to be doing now.

What if we created opportunities to connect deeply with others while also making forward progress on our goals. Imagine the business community as an interconnected network. You may not think you have a lot in common with that business across the street or across the city. But what if we could work in community to draw on our individual strengths and accelerate business growth?

Working in community creates abundance. A network of healthy businesses creates abundance.

Alone we may make incremental improvements, often to existing processes or ideas. A little here and a little there and our businesses show some improvement. But with a community approach we can make transformational improvements that are system wide, sustainable and catalyze a culture of rapid growth and excellence.

What are some ways you use your time to develop relationships across the business community? How are you sharing or learning skills to accelerate business and personal growth?


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