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Common Sense Business Coaching

Cari Berlin - Business Made Simple Certified Coach

It's hard to be successful without a clear understanding of how business works.


As a Business Made Simple Certified Coach, I will guide you through the fundamentals of business using the Business Made Simple structure.


You'll learn clear, actionable steps to build your business. Along the way, you'll meet other like-minded professionals who will become a valued part of your network.

Business Meeting

Business Coaching Group

Groups are forming now!

2020 was stressful! And those challenges persist into this new year. For business owners it is a time for rethinking everything. Add to that the growing issue of social isolation, and we can understand why so many businesses are closing.


But you don’t have to be one of them! Your business can thrive in this environment. Our Accelerator Groups are designed to foster connection while diving deep into the core components of building your business. 

Attend a discovery meeting on July 13th at 1:00 to find out more about the Accelerator Business Coaching Group.

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Hero On A Mission


A one-day workshop to create a meaningful life plan

Do you feel like you're aimlessly wandering through your life with no clear direction or meaning?

  • You're not sure what to focus on each day

  • You don't feel like you're making progress on your most important projects

  • You don't have a clear vision of your life for the next 10 years

  • You aren't sure how you can be most productive

If you feel like your life isn't going in the direction you want it to go, this workshop will help.

Attend a Hero On A Mission Workshop hosted by Gordon Cooper Technology Center in Shawnee, OK on July 27th. Click to Register.